Phlex::HTML comes with methods that correspond to the most common HTML tags. You’ve seen the h1 tag in the previous section.


You pass content as a block to a tag method. If the return value of the block is a String, Symbol, Integer or Float and no output methods were used, the return value will be output as text.


You can add attributes to HTML elements by passing keyword arguments to the methods.

Underscores _ are automatically converted to dashes - for Symbol keys. If you need to use an underscore in an attribute name, you can pass it as a String.

Hash attributes

You can pass a Hash as an attribute value and the Hash will be flattened with a dash between each level.

Boolean attributes

When an attribute value is true, the attribute name will be output without a value; when falsy, the attribute isn’t output at all. You can use the strings "true" and "false" as values for non-boolean attributes.

The template tag

Because the template method is used to define the view template itself, you'll need to use the method template_tag if you want to to render an HTML <template> tag.

Registering custom tags

You can register custom elements with the register_element macro. The custom element will only be available in the view where it is registered and subclasses of that view.

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